Chapter Two -- OVER THE WALL

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Posted by Tom Stipanov on March 31, 2000 at 13:02:32:

This chapter marks the beginnings of the problems
Tyler has with his coach, which show more about the
personality of Tyler. Tyler disobeys coach when he
gives him the bunt signal. Tyler disobeys him once
more when coach gives him the stop sign. This shows
that Tyler is disobedient. This chapter paints
a clearer picture of Tyler in the reader's mind.
Tyler is a very unique main character to me, because
most main characters of books always have completely
good character traits and no bad ones at all. In
this book, the character actually must work to
overcome his bad character traits, such as fear,
quick-temper, and disobeyance. This makes the plot
line much more interesting because there is some
conflict: character vs. self.

This chapter also begins the "war metaphors",
probably relating back to Tyler's interest in the
Vietman War. Here are some examples: ". . .like some
sneak attack dive-bomber on a do-or-die mission. . ."
In the chapter before, Tyler refers to the war
metaphors himself. For example, "To me nothing else
was worth fighting for." These references made to the
war enrich the overall tone of the book.

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